From our wish to remain one of Estonia’s leading manufacturers and marketers of reinforced concrete and concrete products, we are doing everything we can to maximise customer loyalty, staff motivation and investor satisfaction.

The key to the fantastic growth in our financial results has been the investments we have made to improve productivity – including upgrading the work and rest conditions for our employees and introducing new production lines – and to expand our range. We have also purchased the latest environmental protection and production equipment and adopted new methods in manufacturing that will help us maintain our strong position in the long term.


Here at AS Betoneks it is our policy to perform the work we undertake in accordance with the contracts we sign, on the basis of best practice in construction, to a high degree of quality and on schedule


Everything we do is based on the following principles:

  • Recognise the client’s needs today and for the future
  • Stick to the shared goals we have set ourselves
  • Create an environment in the company in which everyone is involved in achieving these goals by making the most of their skills
  • Develop good, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with suppliers and clients
  • Make and market our building materials in an efficient and environmentally friendly way that ensures the preservation of anything that is ecologically valuable

Our own most valuable asset is our professional and motivated team.


AS Betoneks will be charting the same course in future, too, doing our utmost to offer the best possible service and to fill even the most complex of orders for our clients, thereby ensuring continued demand for our products. We are investing in the latest production methods, as well as in our workers and the environment. We want to maintain our strong presence on the Estonian market for many more years to come.


Olla eeskujulik ettevõte ehitusmaterjalide turul, kes on kliendikeskne ja võimeline pakkuma innovaatilisi ning kvaliteetseid tooteid.