AS Betoneks manufactures wall elements pursuant to the requirements stipulated in standards EVS-EN 14992:2007+A1:2012 “Wall elements” and EVS-EN 13369 “Common rules for precast concrete products”.
Used as an internal and external structure in building industrial, business and non-residential facilities and residential buildings. Sandwich socle and wall panels consist of two reinforced concrete layers (internal and external layer) connected with one another with metal connections, whereas there is a layer of thermal insulation in between. The metal connections do not form significant cold bridges. Sandwich elements speed up the construction process and possess good thermal insulation properties.
The properties of concrete used for manufacturing the elements meet the requirements stipulated in standard EVS-EN 206-1 “Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity”.
For reinforcement reinforcing steel is used conforming to the requirements of standard EVS-EN 10080 “Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel”.
The product is accompanied by quality documentation – a declaration of performance meeting the requirements of CPR EU no. 305/2011. (DoP-Declaration of Performance)

From the structural point walls are divided as follows:

* load-bearing external walls;
* load-bearing internal walls;
* non-bearing internal walls;
* stiffening internal walls (membranes).

Elements are manufactured according to the design documentation. Fire resistance, sound resistance and thermal insulation properties of a wall depend on its thickness. Fire resistance class of a wall is determined pursuant to standard EVS-EN 1992-1-2 “Eurocode 2”. Acoustic properties are determined pursuant to standard EVS-EN 12354-1 “Building acoustics”. Thermal insulation properties are determined pursuant to standard EVS-EN ISO 6946:2004 “Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance of buildings. Calculation method”.


Recommended maximum dimensions of the elements:
L max = 12000 mm
H max = 4500 mm
B max = 80 – 200 mm

The surface of one side and sides of the elements are smooth mould surfaces and the other side is floated surface.

Wall elements are designed with openings for doors, windows and service lines (electricity, communication, piping – plastic pipes and boxes).

Manufacturing tolerances pursuant to EN 13369:2004 sub-clause In case it is not stipulated otherwise, class B is applied to all elements:


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Design work.

Initial data required from the client for designing and consultancy service: shape drawing, standard loads, required fire resistance, support joints, connection elements and location thereof, loads applied on consoles and other concreted structural elements.